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Cowichan Lake is a great place to explore by canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or water bike. We love to share the beauty of Cowichan Lake with people and hope to connect you to, and educate you about the wonders of the areas in which we operate. 


1-hour | $25

2-hours | $35

3-hours  | $45

4-hours | $55

All-day | $70

Half-day for 8 kayaks| $375

Full-day for 8 kayaks| $475



1-hour | $25

2-hours | $35

3-hours  | $45

4-hours | $55

All-day | $70

Half-day for 10 SUP's| $465

Full-day for 10 SUP's| $595


1-hour | $35

2-hours | $45

3-hours  | $55

4-hours | $65

All-day | $80

Half-day for 2 doubles| $110

Full-day for 2 doubles| $135 




1-hour | $20

2-hours | $30

3-hours  | $40

4-hours | $50

All-day | $60

Half-day for 2 SUD's| $85

Full-day for 2 SUD's| $100


1-hour | $35

2-hours | $60

3-hours  | $80

4-hours | $90

All-day | $150

Half-day for 2 WB's| $150

Full-day for 2 WB's| $255



1-hour | $35

2-hours | $45

3-hours  | $55

4-hours | $65

All-day | $80

Half-day for 4 canoes| $220

Full-day for 4 canoes| $275

We accept all major credit cards 

What is provided?

All kayak, canoe or Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) rentals include paddles, PFDs, spray skirt, whistles, spray pumps and 15m heaving lines.


What is required for paddling?

Dress for the weather and be prepared to be active and comfortable.  We suggest that ALL electronic items be kept secure in a waterproof case or not brought at all. Bring a water bottle, and we always suggest sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat.



We have a limited amount of kayaks, stand up paddle boards and canoes.  We suggest booking online ahead of time to reserve your boats, boards or cultural tour.  Feel free to call and get what you want to paddle all year long.  In the summer months on the weekends due to the high volume that our facilities handle, it is highly recommended that you reserve your boats, boards or cultural tours ahead of time.



Solo paddlers must know how to recover from a capsize in-order to rent a boat and paddle unaccompanied.


Getting ready to go kayaking

Once you’ve reserved your boat(s), plan to arrive at our shop around 20 minutes before your reserved time, especially if you are coming down on a summer weekend. 






8570 North Shore Rd Lake Cowichan, BC

Rental Policy

All paddlers must sign a waiver to release Kaatza Adventures from liability. Any damage or lost gear will be charged to the renter at the full, retail price. All youth under the age of 18 must have waiver release forms signed by a parent or guardian and rent in groups of at least three unless renting with an adult. Youth between the ages of 6 and 15 may rent single or double kayaks when they are part of a school, club or family group if they have waivers signed by a legal guardian or parent.


During rentals, every paddler must wear a personal floatation device when in or on the water. Staff reserves the right to postpone kayak trips, depending on weather conditions. If a rental must be cancelled by the operator, credit will be given to the customer if the rental cannot be rescheduled to accommodate the customer.  All group bookings require a 50% deposit at time of booking with final payment made one week prior to rental. 48-hour cancellation is required for all bookings.




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